High School Student Tours

Science: Ecology Tour – Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

A 45 minute on-river adventure that meet Indiana DOE Standards for STEM and Science.

STEM and Science Standards: B.3.3; B.3.2;

Primary Topics:

• Plankton Observation -Productivity and Plankton (Geological and biological change, human impact on natural environment / ecosystem

• Watershed Observation -Geological change, human impact on natural environment/ecosystem

• Environment Observation – Native /non-Native / Invasive species, human protections and interactions with the rivers.

• On-board river water sampling with a plankton net, students will examine samples with magnifying glass /digital microscope and project observations of plankton and phytoplankton to on-board TV monitors.

• On-board observations allow students to identify natural versus human-made land impacts and investigate nonpoint source pollution with interactive watershed model. Observe plant and animal species living along the Fort Wayne Rivers and observe the human impact on the rivers, plants and animal species

View or download Worksheet – Watershed Pollution

Adaptive High School Education Experience – Science/Ecology

(Funded by AWS Foundation)

These field trips are low stimulation in a calming environment covering a variety of ecology-related topics.

• To better prepare students, view introductory videos that prepare new riders for a Sweet Breeze experience. (Click on “About” tab, and view “New Rider Experience”).

• Sweet Breeze is accessible to all including on board restroom facilities and walkways/ramps.

• AWS Foundation funds adaptive field trips at no cost to students.