Friends of the Rivers mission is to elevate the value and importance of Fort Wayne’s three rivers—the St. Joseph, St. Marys, and Maumee.


You can get involved!

Clean Drains Fort Wayne is a new initiative charging Fort Wayne residents to become protective stewards of Fort Wayne’s rivers by ensuring nothing but clean rainwater enters the community’s storm drains. 

Join Friends of the Rivers and Fort Wayne City Utilities in supporting, protecting, preserving, and celebrating Fort Wayne’s most precious natural resources—the St. Marys, St. Joseph, and Maumee Rivers.


Take the Clear Choices, Clean Water pledge

Clear Choices Clean Water is designed to increase awareness about the choices we each make and the impact they have on our waterways.

Join Indiana residents today in improving our waterways and ecosystem.

Thank you to our 2021
partners, sponsors, and in-kind sponsors!