Be a Drain Stormer Team

Clean Drains Fort Wayne: Be River SmART is a collaborative initiative between Friends of the Rivers and Fort Wayne City Utilities that uses art to convey the message … only rain in the drain.

With its three rivers – St. Joe, St. Marys and Maumee – it is important that all of Fort Wayne’s residents become protectors of this vital and precious natural resources. We use our rivers for both recreation and the source for our drinking water.

If the city’s system of storm drains isn’t protected then trash, grass clippings, dog poop and chemicals that go down the storm drains will be untreated and end up in our rivers.


Clean & Mark Your Storm Drains

As a Drain Stormer Team, you and your neighbors will pledge to protect the storm drains at your organization’s facility and keep them clean of trash and debris.

STEP 1: Locate and identify all the storm drains at your organization’s facility. Click to find storm drains in your neighborhood. 

STEP 2: Use the Clean & Mark materials included in your Team Drain Stormer Kit. The kit includes everything you need to mark the storm drains with special Only Rain in the Drain medallions. 

STEP 3: Clean the drains and affix medallions adjacent to your neighborhood’s storm drains. Medallions, glue and instructions are included in your Team Drain Stormer Kit. For additional information on how and where to affix the storm drain medallions CLICK HERE. 

STEP 4: Record the medallions that your team places on your facility’s storm drains. Details on how to record your medallion-marked storm drains is included in your Team Drain Stormer Kit and use the form below to submit marked drains. 

STEP 5: Monitor your facility’s storm drains and keep them clean of trash and debris.

Decorate the Storm Drains

Now that the dirty work is done, Clean Drains Fort Wayne
wants you and your neighbors to get in on the fun. 

Clean Drains creates artful message-oriented storm drain murals to generate awareness that we must all work together to ensure only rain in the drain.

All the necessary materials and information for you and your team to create chalk-designed storm-drain murals are provided in your Drain Stormer Team Kit.


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