Why is marking storm drains important?

  • Marking storm drains helps educate citizens about the possible pollutants that could be going into creeks and rivers.

  • It is visual way to alert citizens of the presence of a storm drain and the importance of keeping the drain from becoming obstructed with leaves, trash and other materials.

Applying Storm Drain Medallions is Simple

  • The following materials will be provided:
  • Storm drains in the street or parking lot do not need to be marked as these usually do not cause problems. 
  • Locate an unmarked drain. Refer to provided map. Check off the drain that is marked as you go along.
  • Locate the flattest surface around the storm drain. This could be next to the drain, on the curb, on a sidewalk directly behind the curb or on the metal top on the sidewalk (medallion placement examples are on the right).
  • Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the medallion. Use a wire brush, small broom, or a rag to remove lose debris.
  • Squeeze adhesive on the back of the medallion in the patterns shown below.
  • Press the medallion down hard onto the surface, it is okay if adhesive squeezes out around the sides.
  • Clean any residue from your hands immediately.
Application Pattern for Medallions
Application Pattern for Medallions

Tracking Marked Storm Drains

  • Our goal for 2022 is to mark 2200 storm drains, any help you can provide will help us reach that!
  • A measurement of success for Clean Drains Fort Wayne is tracking the number and location of drains marked with a medallion. This can be accomplished by either sub- mitting a screenshot of the storm drains marked or by checking off the storm drains marked on the map provided with the other materials and uploading to forfw.org.


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