St. Mary’s River Videos

The History & Development of Fort Wayne

The St. Marys River begins in western Ohio and ends at the confluence in downtown. The St. Marys River tour features a peaceful yet feature-filled review of the city’s earliest history and early Fort Wayne development. This tour explores the first immigrants, the Wabash-Erie canal route and sites to Swinney Park. Wildlife and water features are highlighted.

1. St. Mary's River

2. Johnny Appleseed & Pirogue Landing

3. The Old Fort

4. Little Turtle

5. Spy Run Creek & William Wells

6. Science Central

7. Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge

8. League Baseball park

9. Wabash & Erie Canal

10. The Landing

11. Promenade Park

12. Sweet Breeze - Replica Canal Boat

13. Wells Street Bridge

14. McCulloch Mansion

15. Guldlin Park

16. Fort Wayne Forts 1 & 2

17. Nickel Plate Railroad Bridge

18. Wabash & Erie Canal Aqueduct

19. Edsall Grist Mill

20. Deep Rock Tunnel Project

21. Portage to Wabash River

22. Chief Richardville House