St. Joe River Videos

The Ecology & Usage of Our Rivers

The St. Joe River begins in southern Michigan and ends when it helps create the Maumee in Fort Wayne. The St. Joe River tours highlights 20th century city development along with exposure to the ecologies of our rivers and watersheds. Amazing natural environments along with their wildlife will be explored along with their modifications over the years. It also explores the Myaamia, the original inhabitants of our region.
03 - River Views_ST JOE

1. St. Joseph River

2. Water Filtration Plant

3. Reservoir Park

4. Little Turtle Grave

5. Myaamia Removal

6. Fort Wayne Forts 1 & 2

7. Rudisill Grist Mill

8. Sunset Bay Development

9. Interurban - Traction Company

10. State Street & Environs

11. Centlivre Brewery

12. Johnny Appleseed & Pirogue Landing

13. St. Joe River Dam

14. Robison Park