New Rider Experience

Friends of the Rivers: Sweet Breeze Video

GOAL: To help children/riders prepare for a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience on Sweet Breeze

A canal boat ride could be difficult for people with autism, limited mobility or other special circumstances. Challenges can range from sensory issues to anxiety about what will happen during the tour, including accommodations, and availability of assistance. This video learning resource can help reduce anxiety and communication barriers and offer support for those with sensory sensitivities. 


Sweet Breeze Video Tour
Goal: To help riders prepare for a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience on Sweet Breeze.

Follow a classroom of students as they enjoy a ride on Fort Wayne’s Canal Boat, Sweet Breeze.

Watch these videos with your family and friends so everyone knows what to expect in and around Sweet Breeze. Most importantly, stay with your family/group and stay safe near the water!

Enjoy your tour!

FOR Sweet Breeze: Introduction

FOR Sweet Breeze: What You will See

FOR Sweet Breeze: Before you Arrive

FOR Sweet Breeze: Boarding the Boat

FOR Sweet Breeze: Sensory Kit Use 

FOR Sweet Breeze: More Information 

Feel free to contact Friends of the Rivers if you have questions.

Or contact Fort Wayne Outfitters at:

Very special thanks to New Tech/Wayne High School, Videography Class

Emily Oberlin, Principal

Joshua Smith, Video Instructor