Schedule Your Event on the Water!

Creating the “wow” factor! If your goal is to create a memorable experience, consider a shower, party, celebration, or reunion on Sweet Breeze! Suddenly, the context of the entire event changes! Attendees will view everything through new eyes. Everyone will be paying more attention to what’s happening around them. Thinking. Talking. Getting involved–and taking memories back home. In the end, you’ll be happy you tried something new! Our dedication to service is second to none. Sweet Breeze and Fort Wayne Outfitters (Hall’s catering) planning team understands the high level of detail required to create outstanding an memorable for your friends and family. From planning a custom theme to responding to last-minute changes, we will assist you to guarantee a seamless and memorable experience. We’ll work with you! Reserve Sweet Breeze today! (40 passengers/tour) Call for a consultation at: Fort Wayne Outfitters: 260-420-3962 or