Where's Friendly? Photo Contest

The best way to tell if our rivers are really clean is if river otters make them their home. But sometimes, Friendly the Otter likes to sneak out and visit other locations throughout our community.

Take a look at the photo where Friendly was most recently seen and enter your guess about his location. All correct entries will be entered in a raffle to win a Friendly the Otter stuffed animal.

The Where’s Friendly? Contest will take place over the next few weeks where each week there will be the opportunity to guess where Friendly finds himself? You can only enter your guess once per week for each photo presented.

For those who enter and guess correctly six or more of the photos will also be entered into a raffle to win a family package of 4-tickets to enjoy a ride on Sweetbreeze, the city’s authentic canal boat replica that offers a chance to get out and learn about Fort Wayne’s rivers.

So keep your eye out for where Friendly finds himself !! 

Week 4

Guess Where Friendly is?

Click on the image below to submit your guess on where Friendly has been in Fort Wayne.